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  • Ovente Three Wheel Pasta Cutter (ACPPA7100R)

    BPA Free three-wheel pasta cutter

    Removable wheels and can be adjusted to make different types of pasta

    Easily glides on to the thin pasta dough

    Hand wash recommended

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  • Deep Fryer Charcoal and Oil Vapor Replacement Lid Filter Set for Ovente Electric Deep Fryer FDM1501BR, Pack of 3, ACPFDM1503

    Convenient – Compatible with Ovente Electric Deep Fryer 1.5 Liter FDM1501BR.

    Scentless Kitchen – Gets rid of unpleasant odors that cooked foods release into the air.

    Odor Absorber – Absorbs extra grease and odor-causing chemicals in the oil fumes.

    Washable and Reusable – Simply submerge in water, squeeze and leave to dry. Charcoal Filter is suggested to be replaced every 6 months and Oil Vapor Filter should be replaced every 12 months for better performance.

    Set of 3 – Charcoal and Oil Vapor filter fits perfectly in the lid. Easy to install, use, and store.

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  • BENEFICIAL – Ultrasonic humidifiers relieve dry skin, chapped lips, allergies, asthma symptoms, and flu by releasing moisture into the air. This gives you softer, more vibrant skin; loosens constricted airways; relieves congestion, nosebleeds and sore throats; and alleviates snoring. They also help your baby sleep better. A lesser-known fact is that they help preserve your real wood furniture.

  • 2.5L REFILLABLE TANK – This ultrasonic humidifier has a large 2.5-liter refillable tank that provides sufficient moisture for large rooms. To refill the tank, turn the knob to “min” or “off”, unplug from the outlet, detach the parts, and then add water to the tank.

  • ADJUSTABLE MOISTURE – With its moisture control knob, you can easily set and adjust the moisture output of this portable humidifier. Simply turn the control knob from “min” to the desired moisture level. After one or two minutes, mist will come out from the cool mist outlet.

  • EFFICIENT – It comes with a 20-watt motor that operates for hours without costing you extra money on your electric bill. In addition, it has an easy-to-see indicator light that indicates when it is working.

  • EASY TO CLEAN – Make sure your humidifier is turned off and unplugged from the power outlet; remove the tank from the base and pour the remaining water out of the tank. Then apply cleaning solution into the tank, brush with a soft brush, rinse with water, and wipe the base and tank with a soft, dry cloth. Clean your humidifier often to avoid exposure to bacteria and mold. Learn More

  • Ovente French Press Coffee and Tea Maker, Stainless Steel, Nickel Brushed, 34 oz, 8 cup, Horizontal (FSH34S)

    • Enjoy your morning coffee or tea with the Ovente French Press, featured in 3 different designs - Coffee, Horizontal, and Leaf • Carafe made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass is wrapped with a stylishly designed stainless steel protective layer • 3-part stainless steel plunging system uses a fine mesh filter to thoroughly extract all the succulent flavors from your coffee grounds, leaving you with a smooth cup of coffee with little to no waste • Equipped with a secure safety lid to ensure safety and avoid messy spills • All parts are dishwasher safe Learn More

  • Ovente Ionic Wall Mount Professional Hair Dryer (HDW223 Series)

    HIGH QUALITY HEATING: Wall mounted hair dryer for sturdy and equal heat distribution. 120V/ 1000-watt dual-looped stainless steel heating element with multi-bladed fan

    3 SPEED + TIMER: Three speed options, with timer, thermostat and Dual heating elements

    HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Hood constructed of Polypropylene (PP) and General-purpose polystyrene (GPPS); stand material is Iron and Electroplating

    HOW TO USE: Make sure you use a hair net when drying or a plastic cap when deep conditioning because air flow moves upward and it will suck up your hair and it will tangle up with the air holes.

    HOOD + VISOR: Plastic Hood with open Visor 10-1/2" x 9-1/2" opening to accommodate large hair rollers.

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  • Ovente Tabletop Vanity Mirror with Lights 6 Inches (MLT60 Series)

    COMPREHENSIVE – This dual-sided 360° swivel design luxury mirror features 1x7x magnification. 1x for a great view of your entire face all at once, and 7x for precision, because every detail counts (6” diameter).

    SLEEK, MODERN, STYLISH – Creates a luxurious focal point while brightening and opening up small spaces. Comes in three eye-catching finishes: Antique Bronze, Polished Chrome, and Nickel Brushed.

    COOL-TONE LED LIGHTS – Last longer and use less electricity than all other types of conventional lighting, helping you save money. You also never have to replace the light bulbs, they will last the entire lifetime of the mirror.

    CORDLESS – This mirror is battery operated (4x AAA, not included) so you can enjoy a clear, clean, and cord-free vanity space.

    DISTORTION-FREE – Look about 4 inches away from the 7x magnification mirror for a distortion-free view. This works best for putting makeup on (eyeliner, mascara) and grooming eyebrows.

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  • Ovente Electric Double Coil Burner 6 Inch Plate with Adjustable Temperature Control (BGC102S)

    HIGH THERMAL EFFICIENCY – 1700-watt burner heats up quickly and cook food evenly.


    TWO HEATING SURFACES – 5.7-inch and 6-inch heating plates that reach 350°F are ideal for heating different size cookware.


    TWO ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE KNOBS – allows you to set your ideal cooking temperature for making full meals, such as vegetables, fried fish and soup all at the same time.


    INDICATOR LIGHT – illuminates until the selected temperature has been reached.


    SAFE & RISK-FREE – fire-resistant metal housing won’t easily warp or rust.


    NON-SLIP RUBBER FEET – Ensures unit stays firmly balanced in place for frequent & convenient use.


    MULTI-PURPOSE & PORTABLE – small, lightweight burner is perfect for office use, apartments, dorms, traveling or as an additional cooking appliance in your home.


    SAFE & EASY TO CLEAN – simply wipe the burner with a damp sponge and pat dry to remove food grease.


    WORKS WITH MANY TYPES OF COOKWARE -- cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum or ceramic cookware with a flat base; cookware should be the same size as hot plates.

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  • Ovente 4.8 Quart Stovetop Stainless Steel Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid & Locking Feature, Easy Storage and Pour Safe with Cool Touch Handles Perfect for Cooking Noodle Veggie or Sauce, Silver CW15131S

    Large Capacity and Premium Material – 4¾-quart capacity is a perfect size for meals large and small. It is constructed of food-grade stainless steel with a polished finish for safe, long-lasting performance with an elegant and timeless look. Great at retaining heat.

    Strainer Lid Included – The best solution for all your pasta cooking. Eliminates the need for a separate strainer, saving you time and storage space.

    Turn and Lock Feature – Lid locks into place simply by turning until arrows align. Makes the straining process safe and easy.

    Cool-Touch Handles – Provide easy and safe handling of your pasta pot, making the straining process effortless.

    Circular Shaped – Circular shape makes for easy storage. Can easily nest inside other pots.

    Induction Burner-Safe – Designed to work with virtually all cooktops, including induction burners.

    US-Based Customer Service – Buy with confidence! Ovente warranties that the product shall be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and conditions, for 1 year from the original purchase date.

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  • Ovente Tabletop Makeup Mirror, 6 Inch, Dual-Sided 1x/7x Magnification (MNLT60 Series)

    Enhance Your Home’s Glamour Factor for Less!

    Ovente mirrors have unique 360° internal wiring that allows safe rotation to any angle. It allows you to view yourself most accurately through its 6” viewing space, precise 1x7x magnification. The mirror is also distortion-free, meaning it does not change the shape of an image. However, as the magnified lens is concave, you must be about 4 inches away from the mirror to get the most accurate results.

    With your Ovente makeup mirror, you can be confident in how you look, anywhere you go, at any time of the day.

    The Ovente MNLT60 Series Makeup Mirror is available in three Deluxe Finishes: Antique Bronze, Polished Chrome, and Nickel Brushed

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  • Ovente Hepa Filtration System for Vacuum Cleaner (ACPST2070)

    MULTI-LEVEL FILTRATION–The Ovente Premium HEPA Filter offers vacuum cleaning with multi-level filtration. The Premium HEPA Filter Replacement absorbs 99.9% of all dust particles, such as microscopic particles and allergens. Ideal for anyone who suffers from allergies, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or other respiratory conditions.

    MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE– This Premium HEPA Filter ensures ultimate utilization because it can collect a huge amount of dust particles; thus, it can protect your home from unwanted dust and helps improve your family health.

    GREAT FIT FOR CANISTER VACUUMS– It is designed for ST2000, ST2010, ST2500R, and ST2510R series, and does the complete job in filtering and trapping a large number of small particles.

    CONVENIENT & DURABLE–This Premium HEPA Filter is easy to attach, and best for long-lasting use.

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  • Ovente BPA-Free Silicone Spatula 500°F Heat 2pcs (SP2002BO)

    HEAT RESISTANT – BPA-free silicone spatulas are completely safe for coated and non-stick cookware, and are perfect to use with hot food and around hot appliances, such as electric and gas cooktop.

    DURABILITY – These spatulas from Ovente are made from premium materials. Stainless steel core is added for extra strength to ensure that your spatula works great day by day while cooking, mixing or decorating.

    DISHWASHER SAFE – Easy-to-clean, and stain and odor-resistant premium spatulas that will not discolor, warp, melt, and will never affect the taste of your food.

    MULTICOLOR AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Ovente premium silicone spatulas are ergonomically designed for comfortable grip, and they come with different fancy colors in order to satisfy and add joy while you’re cooking your favorite food!

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  • Ovente High Velocity Tower Fan with Oscillating Function with Rotary Speed Switch and Soft-Touch Power Button (TF87S)

    ENERGY-SAVING – Powered by 100-watts, it cools down its surface area without using much electricity. It collects air from the ground where it is at its coolest, and releases fresher and cooler air.

    SPACE-SAVING – This slender fan can be conveniently tucked between couches or placed next to a table. It takes up less room than other types of fan, so it is great when you are working with a small amount of space.

    90° OSCILLATION – The Ovente TF87S Tower Fan oscillates 90° for optimal air circulation. It brings freshness and comfort by producing cool breeze, and it swings from side to side.

    LOW-NOISE TECHNOLOGY – It makes less noise, which in turn fosters better sleep, relaxation, and comfort. Plus, you won’t hear it while you’re enjoying your leisure time.

    ATTRACTIVE – Features a classy, stylish, and trendy design that complements any room; its silver and black colors match all kinds of home décor.

    Learn More

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  • Ovente Electric Food Steamer White 3 Tiers for Vegetable and Food with Time Control (FS53W)

    FAST, EASY, DELICIOUS (JUST ADD WATER) – 400 Watts of power steam your favorite vegetables, seafood, meat, eggs, dumplings and all kinds of dim sum within minutes! Keeps everything fresh and moist— perfect for meal prep.

    HEALTHY – Steaming is the #1 healthiest cooking method, and soon you won’t be missing the others. It lowers cholesterol because it requires no oil and keeps your food’s natural structure and color while locking in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

    SAFE & CONVENIENT – Comes equipped with a 60-minute timer with 15-minute intervals so only little supervision is needed. Also comes with a power indicator light and Auto Shut-off when the timer is up and/or the water tank is empty.

    TIME-SAVER – Comes with 3-tiers of stackable containers (2 qt/82 oz capacity each) so you can cook different kinds of foods all at the same time. Total capacity is 7.5 quarts.

    EASY TO CLEAN & STORE – Because the steamer only requires water, there will be no oil or sticky sauces to deal with for clean-up. Simply place all parts in the dishwasher or hand wash as normal.

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  • Ovente Stainless Steel Deep Fryer 0.9 Liter (FDM1091BR)

    ADJUSTABLE – With a temperature control range from 176 to 374° F, you can fry a wide range of different foods such as fries, fish sticks, mini donuts, chicken nuggets, zucchini fries, mushrooms and more. It also features a user-friendly guide imprinted on it for easy frying without needing recipes.

    EFFICIENT – Its powerful 840-Watt concealed heating element easily fires up the deep fryer’s 5-inch depth and full capacity of 3.8 cups (0.9L/30 oz) in just a few minutes!

    SAFETY FEATURES – This deep fryer is much safer to use than a big pot. Its locking lid prevents splattering and reduces odor, while its cool-touch handles give you a safe and comfortable grip when handling.

    EASY CLEAN-UP – This fryer features a non-stick coated interior and a removable fry basket for easy cleaning. To clean the exterior, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

    COMPACT, ATTRACTIVE – This personal-sized deep fryer features brushed stainless steel housing that is sleek, modern, and flatters any kitchen countertop. Its compact size is perfect for small spaces like apartments, studios, dorms, and more.

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  • Ovente Rechargeable Lighted Suction Mount Mirror, 8 Inch, Magnetic Mini Mirror 1X/10X Magnification (MOW22 Series)

    White LED Lights – Energy efficient while providing even lighting for a perfectly clear view of your face.

    Smart-Touch Dimming Feature – Long-press the power button to dim lights to your desired brightness.

    Removable 4-Inch Magnification Mirror – 10x magnification mirror stores in the back and removes for handheld use or magnetically attaches to main mirror.

    Oval Shaped – 7x8-inch oval-shaped mirror allows you to see more of your face.

    Suction Mounting – Easily attaches to flat, smooth surfaces and locks into place. Note: this mirror does not attach to drywall.

    Gooseneck Stem – For easy maneuvering of your mirror. Lets you store the mirror out of the way when not in use.

    Multi-Angle Pivoting – Allows you to position mirror into virtually any desired angle.

    Rechargeable – Lithium-ion battery allows you to charge your mirror then enjoy cordless operation. Indicator light lets you know when your mirror is charging and turns off when fully charged. Micro USB charging cord is included.

    Travel-Ready – Mirror easily disassembles for compact storage or travel.

    Universal Design – Contemporary styling in a black or white finish that works with virtually any décor. Learn More
  • Ovente Tabletop Vanity Mirror with Wireless Speaker 6 Inches (MRT06 Series)

    COMPREHENSIVE – This dual-sided 360° swivel design luxury mirror features 1x5x magnification. 1x for a great view of your entire face all at once, and 5x for precision, because every detail counts (6” diameter).

    WIRELESS SPEAKER & MP3 FLASH DRIVE COMPATIBILITY – With this unique mirror from Ovente, you can now listen to your favorite music, podcasts, audiobooks, or even talk on the phone directly through your mirror as you get ready!

    RECHARGEABLE & CORDLESS – This mirror is powered by a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery which can be recharged by a USB Cable (included). This is perfect for people who want a clean, cord-free vanity space but don’t want to keep spending money on batteries. It’s also lightweight and portable!

    COOL-TONE LED LIGHTS – Last longer and use less electricity than all other types of lighting, helping you save money. You also will never need to replace the light bulb, it will last for the lifetime of the mirror.

    SLEEK, MODERN, STYLISH – Creates a luxurious focal point while brightening and opening up small spaces. Comes in three eye-catching finishes: baby pink with rose gold speaker, and white or baby blue with chrome speakers.

    Learn More
  • Ovente Wall-Mounted Vanity Mirror with Dimmable Lights 7.5 Inches (MLW75 Series)

    DUAL MAGNIFICATION – This dual-sided luxury mirror is 7.5” in diameter and features 1X10X magnification. 1x for a great view of your entire face all at once, and 10x for precision, because every detail count. 

    COMPREHENSIVE, DISTORTION-FREE VIEW – Our 360° swivel design allows you to rotate the mirror to your desired angle for applying makeup, tweezing or shaving. For an optimal view sit or stand 4 inches away from the mirror. 


    DIFFUSED LED RING LIGHT – Featuring a diffused LED ring light to eliminate shadows, this wall mirror allows you to see yourself up-close. The LED light lasts longer and is more energy-efficient than other types of lighting, saving money. It also comes equipped with a dimmable light knob, giving you full control. 


    EXTENDABLE ARM – Ideal for rooms with limited space, you can extend the mirror to any angle you like and then fold it back against the wall when you are done. This feature gives your room an opulent spa-like ambience. 


    BATTERY AND/OR CORD OPERATED – For your convenience you can use this makeup mirror with either the USB adapter or batteries. Your choice! 


    SLEEK, MODERN, STYLISH – Creates a luxurious focal point while brightening and opening up small spaces. Comes in three eye-catching finishes: Antique Brass, Polished Chrome, and Nickel-Brushed Stainless Steel. 


    LIMITED WARRANTY – This Ovente product has a one (1) year limited warranty period from the date of purchase from an authorized retailer. This covers defects in workmanship and materials. Please note you must provide proof of purchase to request a repair or replacement. 


    Learn More
  • Ovente Electric Griddle 1200W, Large Non-Stick Plate, Temperature Control Probe and Control Knob, Copper (GD1610CO)

    FAST HEATING - The Ovente 1200W electric griddle is equipped with a heating element that heats up in seconds, and it evenly cooks a range of food–from bacon, pancakes, and sausages to pork chops and inch-thick steaks–in a matter of minutes!

    EFFICIENT - Cook all your meal favorites for you and the whole family and have them ready just in time for breakfast! Its large 16×10 cooking plate makes a huge room for cooking more food at a time.

    ALL AROUND - This griddle features a temperature control probe with a control knob that gives you more control in cooking, whether it’s cooking quarter pounders or frying bacon strips. Simply adjust the griddle’s temperature that’s appropriate for your food.

    ANTI-GREASE - Enjoy meals without the guilt with its premium non-stick plate that allows you to cook even without oil. It also has a grease channel drains the grease away from your food while it is being cooked on the plate.

    EASY TO CLEAN - Cleaning this versatile kitchen aid is just a breeze. The griddle and drip tray are dishwasher-safe, and you can simply wash them with warm, soapy water. The non-stick plate can be cleaned with a non-metal cleaning pad. Learn More

  • Ovente Shaft Replacement Hand Blender Attachment HS600

    DISHWASHER-SAFE – This shaft attachment is super easy to clean because all you need to do is place it in the dishwasher, or hand wash and let dry (air dry or with towel).

    HIGH QUALITY – Made from 304 grade nickel brushed stainless steel, which means you don’t have to worry about it melting, warping, or breaking while in use.

    COMPATIBLE – Can be used with ALL Ovente HS600 Series Immersion Hand Blenders. (i.e. HS660, 665, 680, 685, 690, 695)

    VERSATILE – When this multi-functional tool is attached to its motor, you could seamlessly blend ingredients together to make delicious and healthy smoothies, pureed soups, marinades, sauces, juices, and much more. 

    Learn More

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  • Ovente Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, Battery Operated 4 AA, Black and White (SPD102BW)

    Handheld – Look, Ma, one hand! Its one-hand operation allows you to perform other cooking tasks simultaneously.

    Choose the Coarseness– No more too-salty or too-spicy meal; create fine dusts and it pours out perfectly. Simply twist the knob at the bottom for fine, medium, or highly ground spices.

    Powerful Capability – These grinders only require 4 AA batteries to achieve optimal results with minimal energy.

    Lightweight– Made of sturdy materials, they are versatile enough to use on any occasion; bring them with you on picnics or travel, or use them in the comfort of your home.

    Warranty - This Ovente product comes with a one (1) year warranty, available from the date of purchase from an authorized retailer. Learn More

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  • Ovente French Press Coffee Tea & Expresso Maker Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass Portable 4 Filter Stainless Steel System Pitcher for Camping Home Office Dorm Bonus Scoop BPA Free (FSS Series)

    Fresh, Aromatic & Exquisite Coffee – Drinking coffee using your Ovente French Press becomes a sensory experience that paints the tongue. This press preserves the naturally flavorful oils and bold, complex flavors in your gourmet coffee beans.

    High-Quality Durability – Equipped with a heat-resistant borosilicate glass carafe, a stylishly-designed protective layer that doubles as a safety handle, and a 4-level stainless steel plunging system with a mesh filter for fine filtering.

    Amazing Versatility – With this French Press, you aren’t limited to just coffee. You can use this diverse tool to make decadent loose-leaf teas, fresh-pressed juice, fruit-infused water, sangrias, cocktails, or even wash quinoa and strain veggies!

    Incredible Value and Practical – Comes with a FREE bonus Ovente measuring scoop (7 grams) to ensure you get the perfect cup of coffee every time. Gives you superior quality for less, and all parts are dishwasher safe.

    US-based Customer Service – Buy with confidence! Ovente warranties that the product shall be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and conditions, for 1 year from the original purchase date.

    Learn More

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  • Ovente Pre-Seasoned Square Cast-Iron Grill Pan, Black (CWC2307001B)

    10” CAST-IRON GRILL PAN – Ovente cast-iron grill pan is a multi-functional cookware that works wonders with slow-cooking recipes. It lets you enjoy healthy and delicious grilled vegetables and meat for a classic barbeque taste. With its superior heat retention, this cast-iron pan can be used on all cooking surfaces, such as oven and broiler.

    PRE-SEASONED NON-STICK GRIDDLE – seasoned with oil to protect against rust and provide non-stick surface. With proper care, it gets better, more durable, and provides more flavor with use over time.

    PERFECT FOR HEALTHY COOKING – it helps with low-fat cooking as the ribbed bottom of the pan lets you keep meat, poultry, or seafood from fatty drippings.

    SECURE-GRIP HANDLE – it has a secure-grip handle that comes with a hanging hole, so you can hang it on a pot rack to save kitchen space.

    EASY TO CLEAN – To clean, just wash with soapy water and dry immediately. To remove stuck-on foods, allow the pan to cool then soak in hot, soapy water up to one hour and use a non-abrasive sponge.

    Learn More

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  • Ovente Lighted Small Vanity Magnifying Mirror 7.5 Inches (MLT23W)

    • Collapsible and Travel Size Mirror • 3x Magnification • Middle frame with silver plating • Telescopic neck and head for adjusting and easy viewing • 6Volts, 4 size C battery / adapter - Not included Learn More

    Out of stock

  • EASY TO USE – Combine ice cream, milk, and your favorite sweet treats into the stainless steel mixing cup, press the release button to lower the driving wheel into the cup until it clicks, press a speed button, and voila—your milkshake is ready.

  • QUICK & POWERFUL – 100-Watts make it more powerful and efficient than the leading competitor. You can go from mixing ingredients to drinking a cold, creamy milkshake in less than 2 minutes!

  • DUO-SPEED CAPABILITY – This 15 oz mixer features 2 different speed settings to accommodate all ingredients. Low is used for blending, while High is for more intense mixing (hard ingredients).

  • RETRO, SODA FOUNTAIN STYLE – Its stylish, retro-designed body with chrome accents takes you back to when couples went on dates to diners with rollerskating servers and shared a milkshake as the cherry on top of a perfect evening.

  • EASY TO CLEAN – Fill the stainless steel cup with soapy water, lower the spindle into the water, press "Low" setting, let spin for 10 seconds+, turn the mixer off, remove the cup, then wipe spindle dry. Hand washes the mixing cup or place inside the dishwasher.

    Learn More
  • 13-BY-10 INCH PLATE SIZE‐ Ideal for grilling or searing steaks, chops, chicken, fish, burgers, and vegetables.

  • ABSOLUTE CONTROL‐ Grill to your exact desired temperature with the grills removable and adjustable temperature control.

  • 1000 WATTS OF POWER‐ This powerhouse grill ensures your food is hot and ready to eat very quickly with the help of it's powerful heating element.

  • COOL TO THE TOUCH‐ Safety always comes first with Ovente products. This grill's Cool-Touch handles provide that extra step of safety for handling after grilling.

  • CONVENIENCE AT ITS FINEST‐ Equipped with a removable non-stick cooking surface, this grill makes cleaning extremely easy and efficient.

    Learn More
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