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Infrared Countertop Burner, Cool-Touch Ceramic Glass Cooktop with Temperature Control (BG44S)

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Key Features

QUICK & POWERFUL – Powered by 120V and 1200-Watts, this burner instantly heats up and cooks your food evenly, leaving no cold or hot spots. Its portability makes it perfect for everyday and camping use.

VERSATILE – Unlike Induction cooktops, Infrared Technology works with all types of cookware, so there’s no need to buy special and expensive cookware—use what you already have!

SMART & PRACTICAL – Uses Touch Technology which enables you to easily switch between its 12 preset temperature settings. It also features a timer (1min – 2 hrs) and safety lock.

STAYS COOL TO TOUCH – Even when the cooking range is hot and in use, the area below the Ovente logo will always be cool and safe to touch. No need to worry about getting burned!

MODERN, SLEEK, AND EASY TO CLEAN – Its sleek, black, and elegant design matches any countertop and is made of high-quality ceramic glass. It also features an impressive red LED digital display. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth when cool.


Have a hot, homemade meal anytime, anywhere.

Ovente introduces the BG44S Infrared Cooktop Burner, which utilizes innovative Infrared Technology, providing you with the best cooktop performance without any cookware restrictions. This technology allows the burner to instantly and evenly heat up the cookware and direct air flow away from food while generating high temperatures. This means there will never be any cold or hot spots in your food. Its 1200-Watts of power generates heat faster, making it much more energy-efficient than a traditional stovetop—saving you money on energy bills! It also features a timer and a digital touch-screen LED display panel to conveniently set your desired time and temperature.

From quickly seared steaks to creamy mushroom risottos, this burner can do it all at a fraction of the time! It boils water in a snap and shaves several minutes off of your normal cooking time because it heats up so rapidly. This is perfect kitchen tool for folks who are constantly pressed on time, or those who simply want more time to enjoy other activities. It also doesn’t need to be used just in the kitchen, it’s portable so you can take it anywhere you go—just make sure you have a power outlet when it’s time to use it. It’s also a low-noise burner, so you can cook at any time of the day without worrying about waking anyone up. It’s also much safer than your typical range—it has no open flames or gas emissions as well as a safety lock feature that disables any function from changing while in use. It also includes an error message system to help identify any issues. It’s also super easy to clean! Simply wipe the ceramic glass surface with a soft, damp cloth after it has cooled.

Temperature Level: (12 variable settings)
Min: 50 °F | Max: 640 °F

Timer Level:
Min: 1 minute | Max: 2 hours
Arrow Down: Decreases the timer in increments of 1
Arrow Up: Increases the timer in increments of 5

Warranty Information: Covered by Ovente’s 1-Year Limited Warranty if registered within 30 days

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Additional Info
Additional Info
Weight 5.2000
Color Black
UPC 045635600300
GTIN 10814667020601
Case Pack 4
Weight 14.4
Dimension 20.0 x 14.6 x 12.0
Cases / Pallet 20
Pallet Dimension 48 x 40 x 74
Pallet Weight 333

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