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Ovente Infused Water Pitcher with Stirring Rod 2.5 Liter (PIA0852C)

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Key Features

LARGE CAPACITY – 2.5 Liter capacity is large enough for enjoying and sharing your naturally flavored water or iced tea with family and friends.

PRACTICAL – Includes 2 rods: a fruit infuser rod and an ice rod. Fill the core of the fruit infuser rod with sliced fruits, herbs, or other flavorful ingredients, giving you full control over every ingredient going into your drinks. Fill the ice rod with water, then freeze to keep your drink cold without watering it down.

ATTRACTIVE – Its clear acrylic plastic body is scratch-resistant and allows for an enticing view of your infused water concoction. It also complements a well-set table as a casual yet beautiful centerpiece.

HELPS YOU HYDRATE – Drinking enough water everyday is crucial for your overall health, and improves every facet of your body and mind. Using this pitcher daily will elevate your hydration levels by making water taste fruity, tasty, and refreshing.

VERSATILE – You’re not just limited to water with this fruit infuser. You can make lemonade, cocktails, and more. Adding mixed berries, citrus, watermelon, mint, cucumber, lavender, agave, and sugar are all popular and delicious choices for infusion.


Elevate your hydration levels in the freshest, fruitiest, and most refreshing way with Ovente’s Fruit Infusion Pitcher. It has a 2.5 Liter capacity and comes equipped with 2 rods, one for fruit-infusion and another for ice, to keep your drink cold without watering it down. You can fill the core of the fruit infuser rod with any of your favorite fruits, such as strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, oranges, limes, and other flavorful herbs and ingredients such as cucumber, mint, lavender, or agave to create a refreshing concoction all your own!

Filling up this pitcher as a part of your daily routine is not only a simple way to make your water taste great, it also creates an incentive for you to stay at your peak hydration levels everyday. This not only helps your body function at peak performance, but also helps your mind stay clear, balanced, and sharp. Some of the amazing benefits of hydration you’ll experience includes: weight loss, skin elasticity, muscle efficiency, balancing mood and emotions, internal temperature control, memory function, joint lubrication, healthy bowel function, aids digestion, and better immune health. It’s not only a great gift for summer, but all year long, because hydration never goes out of season. So snag your fruit-infusion pitcher soon and live your healthiest life today.

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Additional Info
Additional Info
Weight 1.8300
UPC 814667021847
GTIN 10814667021844
Case Pack 12
Weight 22.0
Dimension 18.1 x 14.5 x 22.8
Cases / Pallet 18
Pallet Dimension 48 x 40 x 74
Pallet Weight 450

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