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  • High-Density Microfiber Replacement Pads for Ovente Heavy-Duty Electric Steam Mop ST405 series, Pack of 4, ACPST4054

    Convenient – Designed to use with Ovente Heavy-Duty Electric Steam Mop ST405 series.

    Easy to Use – Microfiber cleaning pads easily attach to and detach from the steam mop’s head with its Velcro strap.

    Effortless Cleaning – Sweep floors of dirt, grease, dust, and grime quickly with these high-density microfiber cleaning pads.

    Washable and Reusable –Caring for your pads are easy, simply detach the cleaning pad and throw it in the washer. Let them air dry completely before reusing them.

    Pack of 4 – Satisfy your everyday cleaning needs. Have extra mop pads ready to replace old ones easily.

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  • BENEFICIAL – Ultrasonic humidifiers relieve dry skin, chapped lips, allergies, asthma symptoms, and flu by releasing moisture into the air. This gives you softer, more vibrant skin; loosens constricted airways; relieves congestion, nosebleeds and sore throats; and alleviates snoring. They also help your baby sleep better. A lesser-known fact is that they help preserve your real wood furniture.

  • 2.5L REFILLABLE TANK – This ultrasonic humidifier has a large 2.5-liter refillable tank that provides sufficient moisture for large rooms. To refill the tank, turn the knob to “min” or “off”, unplug from the outlet, detach the parts, and then add water to the tank.

  • ADJUSTABLE MOISTURE – With its moisture control knob, you can easily set and adjust the moisture output of this portable humidifier. Simply turn the control knob from “min” to the desired moisture level. After one or two minutes, mist will come out from the cool mist outlet.

  • EFFICIENT – It comes with a 20-watt motor that operates for hours without costing you extra money on your electric bill. In addition, it has an easy-to-see indicator light that indicates when it is working.

  • EASY TO CLEAN – Make sure your humidifier is turned off and unplugged from the power outlet; remove the tank from the base and pour the remaining water out of the tank. Then apply cleaning solution into the tank, brush with a soft brush, rinse with water, and wipe the base and tank with a soft, dry cloth. Clean your humidifier often to avoid exposure to bacteria and mold. Learn More

  • Ovente High Velocity Tower Fan with Oscillating Function with Rotary Speed Switch and Soft-Touch Power Button (TF87S)

    ENERGY-SAVING – Powered by 100-watts, it cools down its surface area without using much electricity. It collects air from the ground where it is at its coolest, and releases fresher and cooler air.

    SPACE-SAVING – This slender fan can be conveniently tucked between couches or placed next to a table. It takes up less room than other types of fan, so it is great when you are working with a small amount of space.

    90° OSCILLATION – The Ovente TF87S Tower Fan oscillates 90° for optimal air circulation. It brings freshness and comfort by producing cool breeze, and it swings from side to side.

    LOW-NOISE TECHNOLOGY – It makes less noise, which in turn fosters better sleep, relaxation, and comfort. Plus, you won’t hear it while you’re enjoying your leisure time.

    ATTRACTIVE – Features a classy, stylish, and trendy design that complements any room; its silver and black colors match all kinds of home décor.

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  • Ovente Non Automotive-Trunk-Organizers (2457G)

    BE ORGANIZED & PREPARED FOR ANYTHING – With this organizer, you’ve got plenty of room to neatly store groceries, emergency gears, tools, maps, towels, snacks, gallons of water or soda, shoes, first aid kit, blanket, sunscreen, shovels, utensils, etc.

    EASY TO STORE – This organizer is fully collapsible and foldable, so it won’t take up much room when it’s not in use.

    DURABLE – Built from 420D Polyester Oxford fabric, which is lightweight and resistant to stretching, shrinking, pilling, UV rays, and mildew as well. It’s also padded with 6mm pear foam on the inside.

    GREAT VALUE – Comes with 3 large storage holders and 10 wide pockets, PLUS a leak-proof car cooler which is great for storing beverages and food that needs refrigeration.

    PRACTICAL – This functional and innovative automotive organizer is your best option to conveniently store and carry tools, car supplies/accessories, groceries, sports gear, cleaning products, etc. so you don’t waste time looking for things you need. Learn More

  • Ovente Wireless Speaker, 2000 mAh, TWS Pairing, IPX6 Waterproof, ≥20 Hours of Playtime, Black (ZA1200B)

    Your movie night and jamming buddy Good music wouldn’t sound as good with a second-rate speaker. Treble that’s too thin, dominating base, and instrument sounds that drown with the rest of the tracks. What separates a good speaker from mediocre ones?

    Overall balance and separation of frequencies - blast your favorite rock songs by the pool or pump the volume high for your rnbs even under drizzles of rain using the Ovente wireless speaker ZA1200 Series. With this True wireless stereo speaker, you can play your favorite artists the way theyre meant to be heard: with rich sound range, balanced treble, thunderous bass, and crystal-clear quality.

    Key Features ≥20 hours of play time : The charging time approximately takes up to 2–3 hours, but with its 2000 mAh battery capacity, once fully charged, you can use the wireless speaker for 20 hours of playtime at 2/3 volume on a full charged.

    TWS pairing capable: it enables pairing of two wireless speakers to play music synchronously. IPX6 waterproof: This wireless speaker is rated with an IPX6 rating. Hence, it can handle low to moderate pressures, shocks, water splashes, and rain.

    Technical Specifications > 60-feet wireless Range input power: DC 5V/3a Driver Diameter: 58mm Capacity: 2000 mAh> wireless mode: version 4.2 + EDR (receiving distance is up to 18m) IPX6 waterproof: waterproof and splash proof TWS technology dual speaker: wireless interconnect to achieve left and right channel separation> 360° surround sound> TF card play: Play MP3 files from TF card storage directly> material: Silicone and metal mesh Transmission: ≥18 m output power: 1 × 12w Loudspeaker dimension: 58 mm Distortion: ≤1.0% battery Capacity: 3.7V/2000 mAh> play time: ≥20 hours> Charging time: 2–3 hours Learn More

  • Ovente Electric Steam Mop with 16.9 Ounces Water Tank Capacity, Floor Cleaner with Swivel Head, 900 Watts Floor Steamer Comes with Carpet Glider, Microfiber Pad and 36 Foot Cord (ST205 Series)

    500-ML WATER TANK – The water tank accommodates 500 mL of water. With it, you can clean multiple areas using just one full tank, and you can refill it even during use.

    INNOVATIVE PATENTS – This electric steam mop operates on 900W and produces a powerful steam at 230–266 °F!

    SWIVEL HEAD – Move around the floor and reach hard corners without difficulty!

    CORD WRAP & INDICATOR LIGHT – Neatly put away the 3-meter cord onto its body with a cord wrap after each use; while the indicator light tells you whether it’s turned on or off.

    1-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY – 1-Year warranty on Domestic (USA) Repairs and Replacements on workmanship and materials from date of purchase from authorized reseller.  International inquiries please contact manufacturer customer service directly for better assistance.    Learn More

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  • Ovente Essential Oil Diffuser Machine 3.38 Ounce with Ultrasonic Humidifier Technology, LED Lights, Cool Air Humidifier, Auto Shut Off Function, Aromatherapy with Low Noise Technology, White DF4695DW

    Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in your very own home with the Ovente Essential Oils Diffuser. Utilizing ultrasonic humidifier technology to distribute cool mist throughout the room and maximize the benefits of aromatherapy, its elegant minimalist design makes it the perfect functional décor for any room. Its auto shut-off feature keeps your family safe while its changeable ambient LED light allows it to be multifunctional. Modern medical studies also point to the potential benefits of aromatherapy, which include but are not limited to: improved sleep quality, stress relief, boosted immune system, repelling insects, improved respiratory health, and enhanced cognitive function. With its 100ml capacity, this elegant essential oils diffuser is suitable for use in large rooms. So sit back, relax, and breathe in your way to relaxation with the Ovente Essential Oils Diffuser. Learn More

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  • Motor Sponge Filter Replacement Set for Ovente Bagless Canister Vacuum ST2620, Washable and Reusable, ACPST2681

    Compatible with Ovente Heavy-Duty Electric Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner ST2620 Series.

    Washable and Reusable. Before putting the foam filter into the vacuum cleaner, wash it with warm water and allow it to dry (ST2620).

    Foam filter is suggested to be replaced every 1-3 months for better performance.

    Easy to attach. Effective at trapping small to large dust particles.

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  • Motor Foam Filter Replacement Set for Ovente Electric Canister Vacuum ST1600, Washable and Reusable, ACPST16713

    Compatible with Ovente Electric Canister Vacuum ST1600 series.

    Washable and Reusable - Before putting the foam filter into the vacuum cleaner, wash it with warm water and allow it to dry.

    Foam filter is suggested to be replaced every 1-3 months for better performance.

    Easy to attach. Effective at trapping small to large dust particles.

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  • FAST, EFFICIENT, POWERFUL – Equipped with 1400-Watts, Ovente’s Cyclonic Vacuum uses powerful, nonstop suction to deep-clean all types of surfaces in one pass. 

  • ADVANCED MULTI-LEVEL FILTRATION – Say goodbye to allergies! Its HEPA filtration system removes 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 micrometers in diameter. That’s 300x smaller than a hair!

  • UNBEATABLE VALUE – Comes with many premium attachments for various surfaces: floor brush (hard, carpet), crevice nozzle (corners), bristle brush (shelves, curtains, furniture), telescopic metal wand, pet/sofa brush, and a bendable multi-angle brush.

  • CONVENIENT & ECO-FRIENDLY – Step button to turn on/off, retractable power cord, 360° hose swivel, bendable and telescopic wand help you get high and hard-to-reach areas without injuring your back. Also features suction control to save energy.

  • EASY MAINTENANCE – The dust compartment is translucent so you can easily see when the dust container and/or filters are full. All you need to do is empty and wash it with water before use.

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    Home Appliances Online Store US: Appliances Can Do Great Things

    Home appliances are devices that help people accomplish their daily household duties. These devices come in 2 sizes, big and small. Big appliances are believed to be sturdier, while the smaller ones win the game when it comes to convenience. Regardless of the size and appearance differences, they have the same goal – to make people's life so much easier.

    Without home appliances, people will definitely have a hard time functioning because there are things appliances can do that humans cannot do. It is very important to know the significance and functions of each home appliance in order to operate them correctly.

    Homeware Online Store in US Offers Home Appliances

    Majority of American consumers nowadays shop for home appliances online due to its many advantagessuch as discounts and convenient store hours; considering that online stores operate 24 hours every day. American consumers usually don't have time to visit physical shops since they work a lot. Hence, Americans tend to order online for a hassle-free shopping experience. The only factor that needed to be considered before buying is the credibility of the online shop; aside from that, everything is good. Just click, wait and receive the package!

    Get Products from Home Appliances Direct Seller US

    There are multiple online stores for home appliances in US but Ovente is the one that promotes quality control and product safety compliance. Ovente offers a wide variety of home appliances including fans, vacuums and steam mops.

    For more appliances, visit Ovente Home Appliances and Kitchen Online Store in US.