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Ovente Electric Skillet 13 Inch with Non Stick Aluminum Coating Body and Adjustable Temperature Controller, Frying Pan with Tempered Glass Cover and Cool-Touch Handles, Copper (SK3113CO)

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Key Features
QUALITY – The Ovente Electric Non-Stick Multifunctional Pan is a great alternative to cast iron skillets and instant pots. It’s the kind of pan that you take home to your parents. You won’t have to look elsewhere, because it’s “the one.”

QUICK RESULTS – One minute you’re adjusting the pan’s temperature; the next you’re already plating the food! It’s quick and easy, just the way you like it.

QUINTESSENTIAL APPEAL – It’s got that elegance and simplicity Ovente is known for. Plus, it’s just the right size for your usage and lifestyle.

QUAINT – Unlike conventional electric iron skillets that consume too many resources, this’ll be easy on your pocket and maximize your time and efficiency.

1-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY – 1-Year warranty on Domestic (USA) Repairs and Replacements on workmanship and materials from date of purchase from authorized reseller.  International inquiries please contact manufacturer customer service directly for better assistance.   
Not Your Typical Frying Pan

Enjoy traditional cast-iron skillet results -- with the characteristics you know and love -- minus the drawbacks. The Ovente Electric Non-Stick Multifunctional Pan can do double-duty as a pressure cooker since it has a tempered glass cover with a steam vent so you can steam your vegetables in one go. Broccoli, anyone? It has all the advantages, without the downtime. You’ll forget about your other cookware because this little powerhouse is all you’ll need. We know how long it takes to fire up a cast-iron skillet; it only takes a little time to get this one heated. Cook your veggies and have the peace of mind that they’ll be ready in a few minutes. It has temperature control, so you have a say how heated or spiced up you’d like your moment to be.

Functions All-In-One

We took all the qualities that make a cast-iron skillet and pressure cooker effective and incorporated it into this little pan. As a result, it has the qualities of both and so much more. Lightweight, it’s perfect for a professional chef or even someone just learning how to cook. Its thermal density enables quick food preparation, not to mention that it brings out that tantalizing flavor in your food. The premium aluminum body means it’s built to last; this baby is not going anywhere!

This multifunctional pan is the food lover’s go-to. Think of the endless possibilities you can put together in this skillet; chicken parmigiana or seared halibut or Mahi. You can stir fry almost anything in it -- throw in some fresh chopped parsley, asparagus, prawns, red onions, diced eggplant, and even whole mushrooms. With the Ovente Electric Non-Stick Multifunctional Pan, the sky’s the limit with how creative your cooking can get!

We make your safety a priority, so we equipped this product with cool-touch safety handles, to give you peace of mind. No more blisters or burns from gripping hot handles.
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Additional Info
Additional Info
Weight 7.3500
Color Copper
UPC 814667024503

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