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Ovente Stainless Steel Deep Fryer 1.5 Liter (FDM26151BR)

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Key Features

EASY-TO-USE– Simply choose 1 out of 3 temperature settings (high, medium, low) for the right temperature for your batch, and watch as it quickly preserves the flavor, nutrients, and crispiness while minimizing oil absorption of your food within minutes.

FAST & POWERFUL– Ovente Deep Fryer is perfect for a hungry tummy as it works fast with its 800-Watt motor that instantly heats up and cooks food faster.

PRACTICAL– Features a viewing window that allows you to view how brown your fried food is at any time. It also features an odor filter that helps keep your kitchen odorless while you cook by reducing food smell.

EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE– Its 1.5 Liter capacity makes it portable and easy to store, making it ideal for movie nights, dinners, parties and family gatherings. Its fixed inner tank with non-stick coating is super easy to clean—the food residues just slide off the surface.

SAFE & CONVENIENT– Its cool-touch handle prevents you from painful burns and its viewing window prevents splattering, so you can feel comfortable while frying. The deep fryer also has an LED light that indicates when the fryer is ready to use. Plus, you can open the deep fryer with one touch of a button!


Cook hot, crispy, deliciously fried food in minutes with the Ovente Deep Fryer!

Deep-frying is really popular in America, Asia, and Scotland. The reason behind its success is because deep-frying is so much faster compared to other methods of cooking, and many people feel that they’re often short on time. Once the oil is hot enough, you can prepare and cook your food in minutes!

Ovente makes it easy to fry food the right way, with its 3 preset temperature settings:

Low: 275-293° F Medium: 311-329° F High: 347-374°F

Properly deep-fried food is steamed on the inside because high temperatures cause the water in food to vaporize. The fat and the water repel each other to ensure that the fat only penetrates the outer layer of the food. However, the batter and breading almost always absorb the fat; but if you do things right, whatever you battered or breaded won’t absorb the fat which why properly deep-fried food is not greasy on the inside.

The Ovente 1.5L Deep Fryer features a concealed heating element with a powerful 800-Watt motor that allows the oil to heat up quickly. Since it’s important for the oil to be at the right temperature, its temperature control and LED indicator light are built to help you attain the best cooking results. Its compact size makes it easy to save space in your kitchen and its 1.5L capacity is great for whipping up small portions up to four servings. When your food has browned to your liking, press the one-touch opening button and serve the food onto a plate with paper towels using the heat-resistant removable basket. It’s also safe because it has cool touch handles for safe gripping and a viewing window which prevents spattering.

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