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Ovente Electric Waffle Maker, 750W, Non-Stick Plates, Safety Cover Latch, Indicator Lights, Cool-Touch Handle, Red (WMS602R)

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Key Features
GOLDEN BELGIAN WAFFLES IN 3 MINUTES – The Ovente Waffle Maker WMS602R Series can help you create waffles that are slightly crunchy outside but light and fluffy inside, with deep pockets and beautiful grids to hold more syrups and toppings. It is powered by a 750W heating element that heats up in seconds, allowing you to create waffles in 3 minutes.

COOK TWO WAFFLES WITH EASE – This waffle maker lets you make two square waffles in one go, significantly cutting the cooking time in half! Simply preheat the appliance first and wait for the indicator light to go out to start pouring the batter into the plates. The indicator lights help you cook the batter, so you won’t end up with waffles that are heavily burnt on some edges and raw on some parts.

ENDLESS RECIPE OPTIONS – The Ovente Belgian waffle iron can do more than just create waffles. You can use it for cooking omelets, bacons, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and toasts too, helping you prepare your breakfast and to-go sandwiches in a flash.

EASY CLEANING AND STORAGE – The waffle maker’s plates are finished with an extra-strong nonstick coating. It minimizes the food residue that sticks onto the plates and make it easy to clean! Simply brush any loose crumbs from the waffle plates and then wipe them with a paper towel or cloth. Once cleaned, you can lock the cover latch and store it in your kitchen cabinets.

WITH LIMITED 1-YEAR WARRANTY – All Ovente products have a one (1) year warranty period from the date of purchase from an authorized retailer. This warranty only covers defects in workmanship and materials. Please note that you have to provide proof of purchase to request for repair or replacement.

Start Your Day with Warm, Fluffy Waffles
Having a filling breakfast will power you throughout the day. These morning meals can slow down your body's production of ghrelin, a body substance that goes by the name "hunger hormone." Hence, you won’t feel hungry too soon, helping you stay away from bad overeating habits and gaining extra pounds on your waist!
You say you're crunched for time to prepare a meal in the morning? Ditch your alibis and use the Ovente Waffle Maker WMS602R Series! With this, you can have a tasty filling brekkie that you can prepare in 10 minutes or less. Simply place the buttermilk mixture into the pan and wait for it to cook.

The Real Deal Belgian-Style Waffles
This waffle maker lets you create Belgian-style waffles just the way you want it: crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, with deep pockets so you can stuff it with mounds of whipped cream, bacon, apples and blueberries, or your favorite maple syrup.

Get the Waffles Out in One Pull
Delectable waffles get easily ruined when some sides get stuck on the top and bottom plates. With this waffle maker’s non-stick plates, you can take the waffles out in one pull! Plus, it works with a variety of mixes, whether you want it thick and filling or light and airy.

Key Features
NON-STICK GRIDS: The waffle plates are finished with a non-stick coating. They release the waffles without difficulty, and they leave beautiful grids that make this breakfast treat too beautiful to resist. You can make two square Belgian-style waffles at a time.
750W: The waffle maker runs on a 750W heating element that heats up the plates quickly and evenly.
SAFETY COVER LATCH: This one keeps the waffles pressed firmly and ensures that the lid is secured during operation.
INDICATOR LIGHTS: These indicator lights illuminate once when the appliance is preheating and ready to use.
COOL-TOUCH HANDLE: The handles remain comfortable to touch and grip even when the appliance is in operation.
ANTI-SKID FEET: It has anti-skid feet that offers extra stability and safety.
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Additional Info
Weight 2.5000
Color Red

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