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Ovente Electric Double Cast Iron Burner 7 Inch Plate with Temperature Knob (BGS102B)

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Key Features

HIGH THERMAL EFFICIENCY: 1700-watt burner heats up quickly and cooks food evenly

TWO HEATING SURFACES: 6-inch & 7-inch heating plates that reach 350°F are ideal for heating different size cookware

SUPERIOR DUAL TEMPERATURE KNOBS: allows you to set your ideal cooking temperature for making full meals, such as vegetables, fried fish and soup all at the same time

INDICATOR LIGHT: illuminates until the selected temperature has been reached

SAFE & RISK-FREE: fire-resistant metal housing won’t easily warp or rust

NON-SLIP RUBBER FEET: Ensures unit stays firmly balanced in place for frequent & convenient use

 MULTI-PURPOSE & PORTABLE: small, lightweight burner is perfect for office use, apartments, dorms, traveling or as an additional cooking appliance in your home

SAFE & EASY TO CLEAN: simply wipe the burner with a damp sponge and pat dry to remove food grease

WORKS WITH ALL TYPES OF COOKWARE: cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum or ceramic cookware with a flat base; cookware should be the same size as hot plates


Shorter Pre-Heating. Faster Cooking Time.

Everything seems to be instant in this modern-day era, and we disdain the thought of having to wait a couple of minutes before we get what we want: We want same-day delivery from merchants. We want to stream movies and TV series the moment they're out. We want our download speeds faster.

At Ovente, we do not understate the value of speed to meet your demand for everything fast! Discover how fast it is boil a full pot of stew and how easy it is for heavy and thick pans to heat up with the help of Ovente’s Infrared Ceramic Glass Single-Plate Burner BGS102B Series.

It uses a sophisticated infrared technology to heat food evenly without cold or hot spots. Plus, it keeps the heat constant according to your desired temperature.

The Double Burner That Will Cut Your Cooking Time in Half

The Ovente’s electric double cast-iron burner runs on 1700W (120V). It has two powerful plates—7” and 6”—that makes cooking significantly easy! Boil a small pot of water on one burner and sauté onions and garlic on the other—in minutes, you can prepare a quick full meal without taking too much time.

Plus, you do not need to use abrasive cleaning agents to scrub off the dirt, food drippings, or oil splatters from the burner. Simply wipe any non-electrical parts with a damp sponge or disinfectant kitchen wipe. Then, dry it with a soft cloth.

Key Features:

  • 1700W (120V)
  • 7” and 6” cast-iron plates
  • Heats up fast and sustains heat
  • Durable fire-resistant metal housing
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Non-slip rubber feet
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Additional Info
Weight 4.4000
Color Black

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