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Ovente Deep Fryer 2 Liters White (FDM15201W)

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Key Features

ADJUSTABLE – With a temperature control range from 266 to 374° F, you can fry a wide range of different foods such as fries, fish, donuts, chicken strips, onion rings, shrimp, mushrooms and more. The possibilities are truly endless!

EFFICIENT – Its powerful 1500-Watt concealed heating element rapidly fires up the deep fryer’s full capacity of 2L (68 oz) in just a few minutes! It also always automatically maintains the correct temperature of oil, so there’s no need to adjust.

SAFETY FEATURES – This deep fryer is much safer to use than a big pot to fry. Its locking lid prevents splattering and reduces odor while the viewing window allows you to check on your food. Its cool-touch handle gives you a safe and comfortable grip when handling.

EASY TO USE – This fryer has temperature recommendations for certain foods (chicken wings, fish, donuts, etc.) imprinted on its body so you don’t have to remember or look up recipes. It also features indicator lights that tell you when it’s in use.

EASY CLEAN-UP – The basket, handle, oil tank, and lid can be hand washed. Wipe the exterior with a damp cloth to clean.



With the Ovente 2-Liter Stainless Steel Deep Fryer, you can fry all kinds of different foods just like the pros. Never deal with soft and oily fry attempts ever again; this happens because the frying temperature is too low. Fortunately, this deep fryer was carefully designed to handle high heat. It heats up to the perfect frying temperature based on what you want to cook and automatically prevents the heat from fluctuating, which enables the oil to cook the food quickly and evenly. Frying at high temperatures ensure a steamed interior, as well as a crispy batter that creates a barrier between the oil and the food, so your fried foods are never overly saturated in oil.

With this useful appliance, you can also cook frozen food in an instant without defrosting. You also use less oil with this fryer compared to frying with a large pot. To fry, you will only need about 6 cups of oil instead of a huge vat of it, saving you money on cooking oil. This fryer also qualifies for Ovente’s 1-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY, so snag your own personal deep fryer today, RISK-FREE!

-Choose your oil wisely by using one that has a high smoke point and a neutral flavor. Vegetable, peanut, and grapeseed oils are all great for frying.
-Do NOT overcrowd your deep fryer, as this will lower the temperature.
-Set the temperature knob to the lowest setting while waiting between 2 batches.
-Filter your oil if you are going to reuse it so it doesn’t give your food a burnt taste.
-Cooking oil and grease should be cooled and disposed with your trash, NOT down the drain.

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Additional Info
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