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Ovente Electric Warming Tray, 17.0 × 9.6 Inches, 200W, Ultra-Thin, Adjustable Warming Dial, Cool-Touch Handles, LED indicator Light, Silver (FW170S)

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Key Features
ULTRA THIN WARMING TRAY – A lightweight stainless-steel tray that measures 17.0’ x 9.6’; leverage to load multiple containers on the tray with ease. So compact, and ultra-thin that it won’t take up much of your counterspace.

200-WATT HEATING ELEMENT – Equipped with a whopping 200-watt heating element, the FW170S rapidly heats your food as it regulates heat temperature across the plate evenly, this way, you get the same consistent results no matter where you place your food on the tray.

LED INDICATOR LIGHT – With just one glance, you’ll know it’s working. The LED indicator is also an important safety feature as it tells you if the tray is turned on or off.

ADJUSTABLE WARMING DIAL – With one turn of the knob, choose which settings you like best, giving you control in food preparation, whenever you want to.

COOL TOUCH HANDLES – With the cool touch handles, maneuver with ease around the kitchen. No more burns or blisters, even when you accidentally touch them while the tray is turned on.
Ovente Electric Tray Warmer F710S: Ultra-thin but Heavy Duty Want to experience out of the oven freshness for hours? It’s easy with the Ovente Electric Warming Tray (FW170S) , because the heating element regulates temperature evenly across the perimeter of the tray, so it gives you the consistency you need for everyday usage. No matter what the hour, you’ll always be able to serve your guests' food with the same freshness as you can heat food without depleting it of its natural juices. Share the experience of fresh-out-of-the-oven food to serve your guests and loved ones, because, at Ovente, we make it a pleasure to serve. This tray not only keeps your food fresh, but it also keeps a quantity full amount of food stored for you, just load all your favorite food items, may it be vegetables, fruit or legumes, because the 17.0 × 9.6” space gives you the freedom to do so. It’s not just for those special occasions, it’s also for those every day meaningful moments you share with loved ones. The Ovente FW170S is made for everyday and heavy use. The stainless-steel is reliable and durable, giving you the momentum to work through your day with ease. Load cantaloupe, steak, pounds of lettuce to it with convenience because this tray is engineered to withstand the weight. Configure the heat settings based on your preference. You can easily adjust the temperature control knobs to a heat temperature that’s appropriate to a particular dish.
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Additional Info
Weight 2.0000
Color Silver

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