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Ovente Stainless Steel Electric Warming Tray (FW150S)

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Key Features

SPACE-SAVING WARMING TRAY – The 16” x 8.7” stainless steel hot plate surface of this appliance can be used as a food warmer for your favorite dishes, and it looks great on any table, countertop, or buffet because of its compact feature.

ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER – Keep your food warm all day with its temperature controller. This feature makes it effortless to heat up food any time of the day; it’s suitable for gatherings, family dinners, holiday meals, parties, and events!

ENERGY-EFFICIENT FOOD WARMER – This 200-watt food warmer can reduce your home’s energy consumption due to its low wattage, and can be used all day without costing you much.

EASY-OPERATED WARMING TRAY – Warming food is made simple with the electric warming tray’s LED light indicator that illuminates when the appliance is switched on, and cool-touch handle for safe use.

EASY TO CLEAN – Cleaning this warming tray is as easy as eating a pie. Clean the warming tray by using a soft, damp cloth with mild detergent; just make sure not to immerse the appliance in the water.


It’s not a complete dinner without the Ovente Stainless Steel Electric Warming Tray.

Elegant and stylish food warmer with a 16” x 8.7” stainless steel hot plate surface that looks great on any table, kitchen countertop, or buffet! Save a lot of kitchen space when you warm your food while preparing other dishes.

The adjustable temperature controller of this warming tray can keep your favorite food warm and delicious, making it perfect for serving food to your family and friends during a movie marathon, Thanksgiving, birthday parties, and special events.

Warming and preparing food is made easy with the warming tray’s cool-touch handle for extra safe use, and a LED light that sets as an indicator when the appliance is switched on.

Plus, it improves energy efficiency having a low wattage; the 200-watt food warmer will save you money in the long run. Hence, more food for you and your whole family!

Maintaining the warming tray is same as counting numbers; it’s effortless! Just clean it with a soft, damp cloth with mild detergent. Make sure that the water does not enter its body frame, and always remember not to immerse it in the water. Let’s get festive with Ovente Stainless Steel Electric Warming Tray!

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Additional Info
Additional Info
Weight 1.5000
Color Silver
GTIN  10814667021813
Case Pack 8
Weight 22.5
Dimension 19.3 10.8 x 19.9
Cases / Pallet 24 
Pallet Dimension  48 x 40 x 65 
Pallet Weight  600 

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