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Slow Cookers and Food Warmers

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  • Ovente Stainless Steel Electric Warming Tray (FW150S)

    SPACE-SAVING WARMING TRAY – The 16” x 8.7” stainless steel hot plate surface of this appliance can be used as a food warmer for your favorite dishes, and it looks great on any table, countertop, or buffet because of its compact feature.

    ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER – Keep your food warm all day with its temperature controller. This feature makes it effortless to heat up food any time of the day; it’s suitable for gatherings, family dinners, holiday meals, parties, and events!

    ENERGY-EFFICIENT FOOD WARMER – This 200-watt food warmer can reduce your home’s energy consumption due to its low wattage, and can be used all day without costing you much.

    EASY-OPERATED WARMING TRAY – Warming food is made simple with the electric warming tray’s LED light indicator that illuminates when the appliance is switched on, and cool-touch handle for safe use.

    EASY TO CLEAN – Cleaning this warming tray is as easy as eating a pie. Clean the warming tray by using a soft, damp cloth with mild detergent; just make sure not to immerse the appliance in the water.

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