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Hot Water

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  • Ovente Immersion Hot Water Heater 300 Watts 2pcs White (CH3012)

    EASY TO USE – Simply clip it onto your mug to submerge, plug it in, unplug when it reaches your desired temperature, wait 15 seconds, then remove from liquid.

    FAST – Powered by 300-Watts, it heats up liquids almost instantly!

    VERSATILE – Great for heating up water, tea, coffee, soup broths, and much more. Only use on thin liquids that have the consistency of water.

    PORTABLE – It’s super lightweight (2.4 oz) making it perfect for travel, dorm, home, and office use.

    SPACE-SAVER – It’s so compact that you could carry it in your pocket. Great for maximizing space in small areas.

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