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Ovente Ceramic Stone, 13”, Thermal Shock Resistance, Multipurpose Rack/Handle, Free Pizza Cutter Wheel (BW10132)

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Key Features
Get a bite of those crispy crusts – Get nicely browned, evenly cooked dough! This one is designed for baking the perfect crusts: it has thousands of highly absorbent micro-holes that effectively draw out the extra moisture as it bakes. This makes the crust’s exterior superbly crispy and keeps the inside Soft and moist.

Superior heat retention & shock resistance –The Ovente pizza stone heats up fast, absorbs heat well, and retains the temperature for a long time. It is engineered to handle extreme thermal shocks, and it will maintain its form, shape, and effectiveness even when exposed to extremely high temperatures on a daily basis.

Just the right size – compared with other larger options, this 13” pizza stone is much easier to handle. You could move it from the oven to the countertop without difficulty. Plus, aside from baking pizza projects, you can use it for baking bread and other treats!

Low maintenance – unlike other pizza stones that need conditioning, this one is on the low-maintenance side. You do not need to season It. Simply crank the oven up, preheat, and place the pizza on the stone. After use, Let it COOL down and rinse it with warm water.

Limited 1-Year – all Ovente products have a one (1) year period from the date of purchase from an authorized retailer. This only covers defects in workmanship and materials. Please note that you have to provide proof of purchase to request for repair or replacement.
Brick oven results at Home with its crispy on the outside and tender on the inside crust, layer of melted cheese, and perfectly seared meat toppings, no one would argue that pizzas are everyone’s ultimate Comfort food! In fact, our inner pizza gluttons have a go-to joint anytime our taste buds crave for that mouthwatering slice. good thing, you do not always have to buy takeout's from the nearest pizzeria around. With Ovente’s ceramic pizza stone, All you need is just a good dough, cheese, and toppings, and you could whip up a jaw-dropping, brick oven-like pizzas at home! made for baking The perfect pizza crusts> a great-tasting crust is what makes every pizza drool-worthy: it could be a crunchy pie loaded with a feast of meat or just a fresh flatbread topped with cheese and tomatoes, and it would taste great. However, did you know that you cannot get the crunch and tenderness with just a home oven alone? pizzaiolos use Ovente’s pizza stone—a ceramic slab—that makes all the difference. This one is made of porous ceramic and measures 13". Plus, it has metal handles on either sides, making it convenient for transferring the pizza from the oven to the table. holds heat well for a crispy crust conventional ovens cook the dough too slow, making the crust soggy. This pizza stone can hold high temperatures well. It cooks the same way as traditional brick ovens do: as soon as the pizza is placed on the stone, the crust begins to cook. It distributes heat evenly across the dough and gives it the Initial heat It needs to make the crust crispy without overcooking The toppings. key features> comes with free pizza cutter wheel> metal handles> compatible with conventional or microwave ovens> for baking bread, biscuits, tortillas, bagels, cookies, & roller> for heating & reheating pizzas and other baked goods.
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Additional Info
SKU BW10132
Weight 4.5400
Color Beige

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


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