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Ovente Glass Tea Kettle 27oz, With Tea Infuser for Loose-Leaf Tea, Compatible With KG612S (FGK27B)

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Key Features
COMPATIBLE – Using the Ovente teapot and kettle together allows you to boil water for multiple purposes, while the steam from the kettle can be used to reheat different beverages.

1.7 L KETTLE WITH PRONTOFILL TECHNOLOGY – This electric kettle comes a with ProntoFill lid. Ovente is proud to introduce the ProntoFill technology, first of its kind in the market, which lets you pour water right through the lid to refill, allowing users to multitask with their other hand. Please note that in order to place the teapot on top of the kettle, the kettle’s lid must be removed.

TEA POT WITH ONE-HAND FLIP-TOP LID – This teapot has a flip-top lid that can be used with one hand for convenience.

DURABLE AND FLAWLESS – Engineered with precision using top-of-the-line materials that allow for longevity of usage. Both the kettle and teapot are sealed to the brim to ensure no leakage or spillage.

EASY TO CLEAN – Both items are made from glass, in which their contents are clearly visible. It also makes cleaning easy as dirt can be spotted instantly.

LIMITED WARRANTY – Both items have a 2-year warranty period from the date of purchase from an authorized retailer. This covers defects in workmanship and materials. Please note you must provide proof of purchase to request a repair or replacement.
Window to Your Tea

This beautiful glass tea kettle that rests perfectly on top of your Ovente Glass Electric Kettle with ProntoFill Technology (the KG612S) is the window to your tea’s soul. The carafe is transparent, allowing for a clear view of your concoction, so you can easily determine whether your tea-infused solution is saturated enough to your liking. Now, you’ll know just how much flavor to add to your tea so you’ll never have to worry about tea that’s too sweet, or too bitter, ever again. You also get to see how much fluid goes into the carafe, so you won’t end up over-diluting your mixture.

A Match Made in Heaven

It fits perfectly on top of your Ovente KG612S; we engineered it that way.

It’s the perfect tea kettle and infuser combination that sits atop of it as an attachment; that way you can brew your loose-leaf tea leaves and keep them warm as well.

Brew an assortment of flavors, whether it be jasmine, oolong, chamomile, green tea, or even cinnamon tea. The infuser on the Ovente FGK27B will surely magnify and preserve any flavor you add to your tea.

Easy to Use

Have you ever been held up by a tea infuser? Does it take a few minutes to brew yourself some good tea from all-natural tea leaves? Now that won’t be the case with Ovente’s FGK27B because with Ovente, it’s never complicated. Just load the chamber with your flavoring of choice, submerge it in the boiling water-filled carafe, and let it sit. And it will be ready for you in a few seconds. It’s that simple.

Elegant, Functional, Healthy

This little kettle is made of top-notch, commercial-grade glass. It’s aesthetically pleasing and complements any space; your interior designer will be more than happy to add it as an ensemble. In fact, your kitchen won’t be complete without it because if you’re a tea drinker, brewing a cup will always be part of your day. It’s a clean, healthy way to start your morning as tea has many antioxidants and can stimulate blood flow.

With an Ovente tea kettle, you’ll never settle. Get one today as you deserve only the best!
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Additional Info
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