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Ovente Electric Handheld Milk Frother with Premium Stainless Steel Material Fast Frothing with 2 AA Batteries Operated, Portable and Easy to Store, Perfect for Coffee, Brushed (FRS1020B)

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Key Features
CREAMY BEVERAGES IN SECONDS - This electric handheld milk frother can easily give you a rich lather of creamy milk in seconds.

BATTERY OPERATED – Load the compartment with 2 AA batteries and be ready to rev it up!

PORTABLE – Go small or go home. Specially made for those tight spaces, it can fit anywhere.

PRACTICAL –The Ovente Milk Frother is not only cost-efficient; it won’t weigh heavily on your wallet, and it’s guaranteed to lighten your workload.

1-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY – 1-Year warranty on Domestic (USA) Repairs and Replacements on workmanship and materials from the date of purchase from an authorized reseller.  International inquiries please contact manufacturer customer service directly for better assistance.   
An Extra Froth-full Day

It takes minimal effort, with rapid results, giving you the end-product, you desire. It’s a portable liquid blender that fits in your luggage or even your purse. Instant foam, for that long day at work when you need a hot cup of coffee with a blanket of bubbly cream. It doubles as a beverage mixer so you can use it on your favorite powdered drinks, matcha tea, cappuccino, and even your Nespresso. It’s cost-efficient too – you won’t need to plug it into an outlet to keep this baby going. Just use 2 AA batteries to power it for hours on end. It’s engineered to last, and worth the investment, as it’s affordable and better use of your time.

Froth-full Efficiency

Coffee is just coffee until you spike it with a thick blanket of bubbly milk. Life is too short for the average, so Ovente has found a way to give you a cup of magic with a wave of a wand. This handheld electric milk frother and beverage mixer will add that element of thrill to your average drink. Just submerge it into your hot beverage, press the button, and it’ll whip up liquid delight for you in seconds. The truth will set you free; this cordless mini machine will offer you no attachments. You don’t have to deal with loops and knots, and it won’t restrict your mobility. You can take it with you anywhere around the house, even travel with it abroad. It’s easy to pack in your luggage, so you can enjoy your froth anywhere you want. It’ll set you free since you can maneuver it without the need to plug it into an outlet. It saves you electricity, and most importantly, it saves you time. In today’s fast-paced world, how quick can you whip up a steamy beverage? Every second count, and in our book time well spent is money well invested. This little item is a testament to Ovente’s pledge to give you products that exceed expectations. A small package with a big attitude.


It’s made of rust-proof stainless steel – and you can easily wipe it off and rinse it with soap and water. Cleaning and maintenance has never been easier. The Ovente Milk Frother is definitely designed with you in mind. It’s made from top-of-the-line materials, and every piece is fitted together with utmost care. Get one today, and this piece will surely be a part of your kitchen for the long-term.
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Additional Info
Weight 2.5000
Color Black

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