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Ovente Professional Hand Mixer (HM161 Series)

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Key Features

5 MIXING SPEEDS – The Ovente HM161 Series Hand Mixer has a sliding speed selector wheel with 5 mixing speeds to help you create a customizable texture and consistency for any recipe.

POWERFUL 150-WATT MOTOR – Smoothly blends ingredients with its 150-Watt motor power.

ALL-AROUND CHROME BEATERS – Comes with 2 chrome beaters that are ideal for mixing different ingredients, such as egg whites, nuts, chunky ingredients, chocolate chips, and heavy cream together with ease.

SAFE & ERGONOMIC – It features a beater eject button that allows safe removal of the chrome beaters. Additionally, the shape of this lightweight hand mixer makes it comfortable to use and easy to hold.

EASY TO CLEAN – Simple press a button to eject the beaters, then hand wash them or place them in the dishwasher. To clean the exterior, wipe the mixer’s body with a soft, damp cloth.

SPACE-SAVING – Includes a snap-on storage container that neatly holds mixer accessories such as its beaters, power cord, and more while the mixer body sits securely on top.


What’s a kitchen without a great hand mixer?

A hand mixer is ideal for people who love cooking, but it’s ESPECIALLY USEFUL for those with a passion for baking. The hand mixer makes baking so much easier and more enjoyable by mixing even the heaviest food ingredients together without it feeling like a chore. It even cuts prep time in half, so you have more time to do what you love.

Like most kitchen appliances, the mixer is made to save time and effort that you put into cooking and baking. A kitchen without a mixer is incomplete, because this appliance has so many benefits and helps tremendously with food prep by making it 10x easier!

Grabbing the best hand mixer available in the market is not about how expensive it is. It’s more about quality, longevity, and most of all—what it can DO for YOU. The Ovente HM161 Hand Mixer features a speed selector switch with 5 mixing speeds that you can change depending on your chosen recipe. Now, no dessert will ever be out of reach because it can handle even the heaviest mixtures with its powerful 150-watt motor!

Its 2 chrome beaters can easily be removed by pushing the beater eject button, which allows for quick and safe removal. The ergonomic shape of this hand mixer makes it comfortable and easy to hold, so baking never feels like work.

Once you’re done using your hand mixer, wash it by placing it in your dishwasher or handwashing it yourself. Once everything is dry, you can keep all of its accessories together inside its snap-on storage container, which helps you stay organized while saving cabinet space!

Effective and efficient, isn’t it? 

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Additional Info
Additional Info
SKU HM161 Series
Gross Weight 2.5
Gross Dimension 8.0 x 3.1 x 7.4

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