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Ovente Electric Kettle, 1.7L, Cordless, 1100W, BPA-Free, 5 Preset Settings, Auto Shut-Off & Boil-Dry Protection (KS890 Series)

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Key Features

LIGHTNING FAST – Boiling water has never been this fast with Ovente Electric Kettle KS890 Series! It operates on 1100W (120V) of power, quickly bringing a 1.7L of water to a rolling boil in minutes. Simply pour water inside and wait for it to boil. This kettle has NO BEEP. Please refer to the KS88 model for the one with the beep feature.
VARIABLE HEAT FOR EVERY BREW – Some tea leaves and coffee grounds taste bitter when immersed in a cup of boiling water. Get the water temperature that’s right for every cup of hot beverage using the 5 preset settings (140, 158, 176, 194, 212 °F) of Ovente’s cordless electric kettle!
KEEP WARM SETTING – The electric kettle features a Keep Warm setting: Once the water drops to 185 °F, the electric kettle will reboil the water to keep it in 212 °F for 2 hours.
EXTRA SAFE – This BPA-free electric kettle features an auto shut-off and boil-dry protection: The kettle shuts off on its own when the pot has reached its boiling temperature and then turns off the heating element when there is no water in the kettle.
LIMITED 2-YEAR WARRANTY – All Ovente kettles have a two- (2) year warranty period from the date of purchase from an authorized retailer. This warranty only covers defects in workmanship and materials. Please note that you have to provide proof of purchase to request for repair or replacement.


Boil Water for Different Beverages
Do you know that you shouldn’t use boiling water for your brews? Pouring the water from the kettle straight to your cup can scald the beans, bruise the tea leaves, and alter the herbal infusions you use for your hot beverages. The ideal temperature for freshly ground beans plays around 90 to 96 °C, and tea leaves are best immersed in 100 °C of water.
With Ovente’s Cordless Electric Kettle KS890 Series, you can bring out the authentic flavors of your fresh brews using the right water temperature! Just choose from the kettle’s 5 preset settings (140, 158, 176, 194, 212 °F) and wait until your water is ready.

A Pot of Piping Hot Water in Minutes
This kettle runs on 1100W (120V), and it instantly boils a full 1.7L pot of water in less than 6 minutes! Compared with traditional stovetops, it is proven to be more efficient in reducing your electricity consumption.

Key Features:
BPA-FREE: Safe from harmful BPA plastic to make sure what you get is clean water
5 HEAT SETTINGS: Boil water in variable heat settings (140, 158, 176, 194, 212 °F)
‘KEEP WARM’ SETTING: Keeps the water in its boiling point (212 °F) for two hours
CONCEALED HEATING ELEMENT: Prevents lime scale and mineral buildup
AUTO SHUT-OFF & BOIL-DRY PROTECTION: Automatically shuts off when there is no water in the flask
NON-SLIP 360° ROTARY BASE: Allows you to swivel the kettle in 360° and keeps the unit from sliding on smooth surfaces
FLIP-BACK LOCKING LID: To refill the kettle with water, simply push the button to flip open the lid
REMOVABLE/WASHABLE FILTER: Can be removed for a thorough cleaning
INDICATOR LIGHT: Illuminates when the kettle is boiling and goes off once it’s done
HIGH-GRADE STAINLESS STEEL: Does not bend or warp even under extreme heat

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Additional Info
Additional Info
SKU KS890 Series
Gross Weight 2.8
Gross Dimension 8.5 x 6.7 x 8.5
Case Pack 8
Weight 21.3
Dimension 18.1 x 14.2 x 19.1
Cases / Pallet 18
Pallet Dimension 48 x 40 x 62.3
Pallet Weight 440

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