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Ovente Waffle Maker with Non-Stick Waffle Grill Plates (GPI Series)

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Key Features

3-IN-1 SWITCHABLE SANDWICH MAKER, WAFFLE MAKER, AND GRILL – It comes with 3 interchangeable plates (sandwich, waffle and grill plates) to make quick, hot, and delicious meals at ANY time of the day.

FAST – You won’t be late for work with your Ovente Electric Sandwich Maker! Powered by 120V and 750W, it works fast. So heat it up, make your breakfast, and have more time to get ready.

CONVENIENT – It also features LED indicator lights, which gives a signal when the power is on and when the plates are ready for cooking. Not to mention, LED lights never need to be replaced.

SUPER EASY TO CLEAN – The non-stick plates are detachable for hassle-free cleaning.

SAFE & STABLE – It includes a cool touch handle for safe and comfortable use. It also sits on anti-skid feet that prevents slips and falls from countertops.

Start the day right with your perfect breakfast!

Ovente strives to give you the convenience you need by introducing our time-saving Electric Sandwich Maker that comes with 3 Switchable Non-Stick Coating Plates for making hot, tasty sandwiches, crispy waffles, or grilled meats. We care for your health and productivity, so we make safe products with practical, time-saving features. Unlike other sandwich makers, Ovente’s Non-Stick Electric Sandwich Maker is easy to clean due to its detachable plates. Its detachability prevents the accumulation of germs caused by food and oil residue on the appliance.

Ovente’s Electric Sandwich Maker is powered by 120V and 750-Watts that make cooking easier and faster. It also has LED indicator lights that let you know when your food is ready. If you are a busy person with a long day ahead, this sandwich maker is for you. Some people skip breakfast just to get to work early, but with this sandwich maker, you’ll never skip breakfast again! Say goodbye to rushed mornings and hello to a healthier and more punctual you!

Aside from these benefits, this device also offers safety, stability, and comfort with its Cool-Touch Handle and Anti-Skid Feet. Feel like visiting your family members or friends over the weekend? Bring along your Ovente Electric Sandwich Maker and show them how much they mean to you by making them delicious sandwiches, waffles or even steaks!

Imagine the possibilities with the Ovente Non-Stick Electric Sandwich Maker.

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