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  • Ovente Wall-Mounted Vanity Mirror with Lights 7 Inches (MFW70 Series)

    BEST FOR PRECISION – Complement your vanity counter’s regular mirror with Ovente’s MFW70 Mirror series. This dual-sided 360° luxury mirror features 1× and 10× magnification, making makeup application, shaving, and tweezing out unwanted hairs a breeze.

    BRIGHT LED LIGHT – A good mirror becomes unusable without an adequate lighting. This cool LED light-equipped mirror ensures you get both a crystal-clear reflection and an illumination that simulates natural lighting! Because it doesn’t alter the real-life colors, you’ll never leave the house with an uneven blush or heavily pigmented eyeshadows..

    EXTENDING ARM – Perfect for anyone tight on vanity counter space, this mirror is designed with an extending arm that you can smoothly extend and pull out. Once you’re done, you can fold the arm and push it back against the wall again.

    RUNS ON BATTERIES – This mirror features a cordless and clutter-free design: It runs on four AAA batteries. It also takes rechargeable batteries.

    NO DISTORTION – Poorly made mirrors usually have reflection bends or slight warps that are really bothersome. With this mirror, you'll be guaranteed that the reflection you see is accurate to real life. No distortion at all.

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Vanity Mirror and its Success

When it comes to different makeup mirrors, vanity mirrors are perhaps the most commonly used by women. These tiny mirrors, usually rounded, have 2 sides and are flipped over for magnification so women can get a closer look at their face details. Due to women's increasing demand for vanity mirrors, producers have become motivated to make more options to help women with their everyday lives. Hence, different types of vanity mirrors have successfully break into the market.

Best Wall-Mounted Mirror

A wall-mounted mirror is a type of vanity mirror that is very beneficial to the user when grooming and getting ready in the morning. Wall mount mirrors can be attached to a wall and have the ability to magnify in order to help women see their face better. Majority of vanity mirrors have the magnification feature and the wall-mounted type is no exception. 8x magnification or higher is recommended for someone who needs help seeing at a distance; some mirrors also include magnification sensors to help guide the way.

If the mirror is mounted to the wall, getting close to the mirror is quiet challenging and the user can't reap the complete benefits like magnification and positioning; because of this, most wall-mounted mirrors have extender. This means that if the wall mirror has an extender, the user can actually mount the extender to the wall instead of the mirror and she can simply pull the arm forward so that the mirror can get closer to the face.

Mirrors and LED Lights are a Perfect Match

Most wall-mounted mirrors also come with LED lights as part of the mirror; therefore, the lights around the mirror will illuminate so the user can see better in the dark or even in the daylight. Look for a lighted mirror and achieve the perfect makeup anytime!

Benefits of Wall-Mounted Mirrors in the House
  • A mirror is necessary in the bathroom because this is the area in the house where people shave, style their hair or apply makeup. A quality wall-mounted mirror is very important for personal grooming.
  • A decorative mirror attached to the wall makes a statement and is more than just a functional item. Several mirrors can be an art if placed next to one another as it can create a pattern.
  • A wall-mounted mirror is an excellent tool for hiding wall imperfections, blemishes and cracks. It is a quick and easy way to givethe room a makeover
  • Wall-mounted mirrors can create an illusion of light and space. Mirrors reflect light from the outside and make rooms brighter. Also, a small room with a well-chosen mirror can make a small place look bigger.

To get the best mirror in US, visit Ovente for high-quality vanity mirror such as tabletop mirror, wall-mounted mirror and travel mirror.