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Ovente Beauty Accessories (LVBAG)

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Key Features

GET ORGANIZED – With this makeup/toiletries organizer, you’ve got plenty of room to neatly store all of your makeup, brushes, supplies, hairspray, toothbrushes, perfumes, and even your hair straightener (there’s a specific compartment for that)!

EASY TO STORE – This makeup organizer is fully collapsible and foldable, so it won’t take up much room whether it’s in use or not. You can even hang it, just make sure you attach the Velcro together so nothing falls out.

DURABLE – Built from tough polyester fabric, this bag is lightweight and resistant to stretching, shrinking, pilling, UV rays, and mildew as well. Its many compartments of different sizes are made of clear PVC material, which is water-resistant.

GREAT VALUE – Comes with 4 foldable layers which include 2 zipper compartments, 16 multi-sized brush holders, several clear large pouches (2 XL, 8 regular), a slot for large objects like straighteners or hairspray, and a large exterior pocket for carrying flat items like magazines or books.

PRACTICAL – Conveniently store and carry makeup, brushes, tools, accessories, and everything you’ll need for a trip so you don’t waste time looking for things you need. This perfect for people on-the-go, travelers, and organized individuals (or those who want to be)!


Store all of your beauty essentials—ALL IN ONE PLACE!

Getting organized has never been easier. With your Ovente Makeup and Toiletries Organizer Bag, you’ll always be prepared for spontaneous trips or sleepovers. And it won’t take you much time, either! You can either choose to keep all of your beauty supplies handy in this organizer bag (so you never waste time looking for any single thing), or you can quickly toss all of your essentials into our large divided pockets, brush holders, compartments, and large item slot. It holds large items together by 2 stretchy belts, making it perfect for hair straighteners, hairspray, or even a travel-sized foldable hair dryer!

This organizer has 4 foldable layers of several compartments that allow you to easily store anything while being able to neatly fold it all back together. You’re not just limited to makeup, toiletries, and accessories—you can use this bag as a versatile carry-all! Its black, stylish design makes it unisex and fashionable for both women AND men to use.

The brush holders vary in sizes because we know true artists need brushes of many sizes to perfect their craft. Like the large item slot, the brush holders hold your brushes by use of stretchy belts that don’t loosen up. This also makes them great for holding several different brushes in one slot! It also comes with a large exterior pocket for holding flatter items like magazines, books, or even your phone. And it’s comfortable to carry, too! It comes equipped with ergonomic top carry handles secured by Velcro, which also provides you with some cushion.

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Additional Info
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