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  • Ovente Panini Press Grill Sandwich Maker (GP0620 Series)

    1000-WATT HEATING POWER – It does not only toast and grill quickly, but it also assures that the food is delicious and evenly cooked.  



    TWO-SIDED COOKING PLATES (10.2” x 6.7”) – Both sides ensure that your food is evenly heated, and it also leaves aesthetically beautiful grill marks to make every dish look like a work of art. 



    THERMOSTATICALLY CONTROLLED– The unit will cycle on and off to maintain the desired cooking temperature and to avoid overcooking. 


    INDICATOR LIGHTS – Equipped with a red light that turns on when the panini grill is preheating, and a green light that illuminates when it is preheated and ready for use. 


    COMPACT –Made with a slim design that makes it easy to set up. It also doesn’t take so much space on your counter making it perfect for grilling indoors. 

    FLOATING LID –This stylish feature allows the grill to be adjusted based on the shape of the food, to accommodate a wide variety of choices such as paninis, burgers, vegetables, fish, steaks, and more. 



    NON-STICK COATING – Make it easy to clean excess grease and food stains. 



    ANTI-SKID FEET – For item’s safety and stability 


    LIMITED 1-YEAR WARRANTY –This Ovente product has a one-year warranty period from the date of purchase from an authorized retailer. This warranty only covers defects in workmanship and materials. Please note that you must provide proof of purchase to request a repair or replacement. 

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  • Ovente 4-Sandwich Panini Grill (GP1861BR)

    QUICK GRILLING–Instantly cooks up your favorite food with its powerful 1500W heating element and 3 heat settings (low, medium, high). From sandwiches to fish, chicken, pork, or steak—this grill can do it all.

    ADJUSTABLE HINGE– The panini grill opens flat at 180° for grilling steaks, burgers, vegetables, and more. This feature allows you to have double the grilling space! Enjoy easy, fast, and versatile operation for any gathering or party.

    COOL-TOUCH HANDLE– Helps you stay safe while you handle your grill and keeps you from experiencing painful burns and injuries.

    FAST & EVEN–Grills and toasts food quickly and evenly through its 6-slice non-stick coated plates that let you achieve perfect grill marks. Time for a barbecue party!

    HEALTHY & EASY-TO-CLEAN–Comes with a grill brush that easily scrubs and cleans the grill plate, and a drip tray that catches excess fats and liquids. Cholesterol will be the least of your worries—just be sure to safely dispose the fats and oils after cooling.

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  • Ovente Waffle Maker with Non-Stick Waffle Grill Plates (GPI Series)

    3-IN-1 SWITCHABLE SANDWICH MAKER, WAFFLE MAKER, AND GRILL – It comes with 3 interchangeable plates (sandwich, waffle and grill plates) to make quick, hot, and delicious meals at ANY time of the day.

    FAST – You won’t be late for work with your Ovente Electric Sandwich Maker! Powered by 120V and 750W, it works fast. So heat it up, make your breakfast, and have more time to get ready.

    CONVENIENT – It also features LED indicator lights, which gives a signal when the power is on and when the plates are ready for cooking. Not to mention, LED lights never need to be replaced.

    SUPER EASY TO CLEAN – The non-stick plates are detachable for hassle-free cleaning.

    SAFE & STABLE – It includes a cool touch handle for safe and comfortable use. It also sits on anti-skid feet that prevents slips and falls from countertops.

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  • Ovente Electric Sandwich Maker, Non-Stick Plates, Anti-Skid Feet, Indicator Lights, Stainless Steel, 750W, Black (GPS401B)

    GOLDEN SANDWICHES IN A FLASH – Yummy sandwiches don’t have to take too much time to make! The Ovente GPS401 Electric Sandwich Maker Series runs on a fast-heating 750W (120V) motor, and its plates offer even heating and toasting. Once turned on, it only takes 3 minutes for it to reach the cooking temperature! It has indicator lights that let you know when the appliance is turned on, or when it’s preheated and ready for cooking.

    NO-FUSS CLEANING – Its plates are finished with a non-stick coating, making it ultra-easy to clean! To remove the grease and food residues on the plates of the sandwich grill, turn the appliance off and wipe the plates with a kitchen sponge or a cloth dampened in warm, soapy water.

    CREATE SANDWICHES AND MORE – This sandwich maker can do more than just make sandwiches, making it an appliance you’ll reach for everyday use. You can also use it for cooking sunny- side ups, omelets, pancakes and waffles, or French toasts!

    MAXIMUM SAFETY – This sandwich press grill has anti-skid feet that offer extra stability and grip on smooth surfaces, and its body and handle are made of heat-resistant stainless-steel. It can handle heat and corrosion pretty well! With its light and portable build, you can bring it outdoors.

    1-YEAR WARRANTY – At Ovente, we aim to make your life easier by producing top-quality housewares, designed with you in mind. We have pledged to uphold all our offerings to the highest standards, and we back all our products with one (1) year warranty from the date of purchase from an authorized retailer. This warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials.

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  • Ovente Electric Waffle Maker, 750W, Non-Stick Plates, Safety Cover Latch, Indicator Lights, Cool-Touch Handle, Red (WMS602R)

    GOLDEN BELGIAN WAFFLES IN 3 MINUTES – The Ovente Waffle Maker WMS602R Series can help you create waffles that are slightly crunchy outside but light and fluffy inside, with deep pockets and beautiful grids to hold more syrups and toppings. It is powered by a 750W heating element that heats up in seconds, allowing you to create waffles in 3 minutes.

    COOK TWO WAFFLES WITH EASE – This waffle maker lets you make two square waffles in one go, significantly cutting the cooking time in half! Simply preheat the appliance first and wait for the indicator light to go out to start pouring the batter into the plates. The indicator lights help you cook the batter, so you won’t end up with waffles that are heavily burnt on some edges and raw on some parts.

    ENDLESS RECIPE OPTIONS – The Ovente Belgian waffle iron can do more than just create waffles. You can use it for cooking omelets, bacons, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and toasts too, helping you prepare your breakfast and to-go sandwiches in a flash.

    EASY CLEANING AND STORAGE – The waffle maker’s plates are finished with an extra-strong nonstick coating. It minimizes the food residue that sticks onto the plates and make it easy to clean! Simply brush any loose crumbs from the waffle plates and then wipe them with a paper towel or cloth. Once cleaned, you can lock the cover latch and store it in your kitchen cabinets.

    WITH LIMITED 1-YEAR WARRANTY – All Ovente products have a one (1) year warranty period from the date of purchase from an authorized retailer. This warranty only covers defects in workmanship and materials. Please note that you have to provide proof of purchase to request for repair or replacement.

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  • Ovente Stainless Steel Deep Fryer 1.5 Liter (FDM26151BR)

    EASY-TO-USE– Simply choose 1 out of 3 temperature settings (high, medium, low) for the right temperature for your batch, and watch as it quickly preserves the flavor, nutrients, and crispiness while minimizing oil absorption of your food within minutes.

    FAST & POWERFUL– Ovente Deep Fryer is perfect for a hungry tummy as it works fast with its 800-Watt motor that instantly heats up and cooks food faster.

    PRACTICAL– Features a viewing window that allows you to view how brown your fried food is at any time. It also features an odor filter that helps keep your kitchen odorless while you cook by reducing food smell.

    EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE– Its 1.5 Liter capacity makes it portable and easy to store, making it ideal for movie nights, dinners, parties and family gatherings. Its fixed inner tank with non-stick coating is super easy to clean—the food residues just slide off the surface.

    SAFE & CONVENIENT– Its cool-touch handle prevents you from painful burns and its viewing window prevents splattering, so you can feel comfortable while frying. The deep fryer also has an LED light that indicates when the fryer is ready to use. Plus, you can open the deep fryer with one touch of a button!

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  • Ovente 3-in-1 Party Chocolate, Butter, Cheese Fondue Warmer and Mini Food Buffet Server with Warmer Tray, 3 Liter, Adjustable Temperature Dial, BPA-Free Cool-Touch Lids, Stainless Steel (FW153S)

    EASY SERVING – Includes three 1-Liter removable buffet serving pans with cool-touch lids. It also comes with a stainless steel base/warming tray (can be used alone) with stay-cool black handles, adjustable temperature control, and light indicator.

    VERSATILE – Perfect for warming a variety of fondues such as melted chocolate, nacho cheese, dips, or decadent sauces. Also works great for smaller servings of any dish such as chicken wings, stuffed mushrooms, jalapeno poppers, sausage links, etc.

    COMPACT – Its small size is great for small gatherings, dinner parties, and everyday use for your family. It is especially beneficial for slow eaters or guests who show up late; it will keep the food warm the entire event!

    EASY TO CLEAN – The BPA-free serving pans and lids are both dishwasher safe. The warming tray can be cleaned by using a mild detergent and a soft, damp cloth—just be sure it has cooled before cleaning.

    **WARNING** – Since the warming tray gets very hot, ALWAYS USE IT WITH HEAT-RESISTANT MATERIALS AND SURFACES. Failure to follow this instruction may result in burns.

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  • Ovente Electric Buffet Server with Warming Tray, Three 1.5QT Warming Pans, Stainless Steel, Adjustable Temperature Control, 200W, Silver (FW173S)

    SUPPLIES THE RIGHT HEAT – The warming tray is powered by a 200W heating element that keeps the food hot without drying out or burning the bottom. You can also use the tray as a standalone warmer, and you can place dishes in heat-resistant glass, ceramic, or metal kitchenware.

    COMPACT BUT SPACIOUS – This buffet server might look compact, but the three warming pans can hold 1.5qt of food each! This makes it ideal for hosting small parties and holiday dinners.

    HEAVY DUTY – Both the warming tray and the pans are made of durable stainless steel. They will not easily bend or warp even at extremely high temperatures or continuous use.

    PRECISE HEAT SETTINGS – This buffet server has a temperature control knob that lets you choose your desired heat setting. Simply turn the knob to choose the appropriate heat for the food.

    LIMITED 1-YEAR WARRANTY – All Ovente products have a one (1) year warranty period from the date of purchase from an authorized retailer. This warranty only covers defects in workmanship and materials. To activate its 1-year warranty, register your product here: https://ovente.com/register. Please note that you have to provide proof of purchase to request for repair or replacement. Learn More

  • Ovente Multi-Function Air Fryer Rotisserie Oven (OFM2025BR)

    Multi-Function – Select from 7 functions: Broil, Bake, Toast, Airfry and Dehydrate. Plus use the Broil and Bake functions with the convection feature for faster cooking times and crispier crusts.

    Easy To Use – Just select function, set temperature and time, and let the cooking begin.

    Large Capacity – 25-liter capacity is a great size for both small and larger meals. From preparing your morning toast to airfrying an entire chicken to baking a whole pizza.

    Powerful Performance – At 1700 watts, this oven is powerful enough to meet all your cooking and baking needs.

    Accessories Included – Everything you need included in the box: Rotisserie Spit Rod, Airfry Basket, Wire Rack and Baking Pan.

    Removable Drip Tray – Slides out effortlessly for quick, easy clean-up.

    Clear-View Window – Large window provides a crystal-clear view of your food.

    Interior Light – Fully illuminates the oven’s interior.

    Cool-Touch Handle – For safe and convenient use of your oven.

    Stainless Steel Construction – Built to last and easy to maintain. Brushed stainless steel finish works great with any décor.

    Stylish Design – Sleek styling makes for a great-looking addition to your countertop.

    1-Year Warranty on Domestic (USA) Repairs and Replacements on workmanship and materials from date of purchase from authorized reseller. International inquiries please contact manufacturer customer service directly for better assistance.

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  • Ovente Immersion Hand Blender White (HS560W)

    POWERFUL – Equipped with a high-speed 300-Watt motor, it quickly and seamlessly blends ingredients together to make delicious and healthy smoothies, purees, creamy soups, marinades, sauces, juices, and much more.

    ADJUSTABLE SPEED – It comes equipped with a pulse-activated sensor with 2 blending speeds (low, high) to whip up your perfect texture and consistency with just one touch!

    SLEEK & ERGONOMIC – Its motor-housing body is sleek and ergonomically designed with a non-slip and easy-to-grip handle that feels sturdy and comfortable in your hand, so blending never feels like a chore.

    HEAVY-DUTY & COMPACT – Its Slim-Stick immersion shaft is made of 304 grade stainless steel, and was carefully designed to be able to fit most mixing bowls, pots, and beakers for your everyday needs.

    SUPER EASY TO CLEAN – The shaft comes apart and back together with ease. The shaft is also dishwasher-safe, and the body is easily cleaned by wiping it with a soft, damp cloth.

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