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  • Ovente Beauty Accessories (LVBAG)

    GET ORGANIZED – With this makeup/toiletries organizer, you’ve got plenty of room to neatly store all of your makeup, brushes, supplies, hairspray, toothbrushes, perfumes, and even your hair straightener (there’s a specific compartment for that)!

    EASY TO STORE – This makeup organizer is fully collapsible and foldable, so it won’t take up much room whether it’s in use or not. You can even hang it, just make sure you attach the Velcro together so nothing falls out.

    DURABLE – Built from tough polyester fabric, this bag is lightweight and resistant to stretching, shrinking, pilling, UV rays, and mildew as well. Its many compartments of different sizes are made of clear PVC material, which is water-resistant.

    GREAT VALUE – Comes with 4 foldable layers which include 2 zipper compartments, 16 multi-sized brush holders, several clear large pouches (2 XL, 8 regular), a slot for large objects like straighteners or hairspray, and a large exterior pocket for carrying flat items like magazines or books.

    PRACTICAL – Conveniently store and carry makeup, brushes, tools, accessories, and everything you’ll need for a trip so you don’t waste time looking for things you need. This perfect for people on-the-go, travelers, and organized individuals (or those who want to be)!

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  • Ovente Rechargeable Lighted Suction Mount Mirror, 8 Inch, Magnetic Mini Mirror 1X/10X Magnification (MOW22 Series)

    White LED Lights – Energy efficient while providing even lighting for a perfectly clear view of your face.

    Smart-Touch Dimming Feature – Long-press the power button to dim lights to your desired brightness.

    Removable 4-Inch Magnification Mirror – 10x magnification mirror stores in the back and removes for handheld use or magnetically attaches to main mirror.

    Oval Shaped – 7x8-inch oval-shaped mirror allows you to see more of your face.

    Suction Mounting – Easily attaches to flat, smooth surfaces and locks into place. Note: this mirror does not attach to drywall.

    Gooseneck Stem – For easy maneuvering of your mirror. Lets you store the mirror out of the way when not in use.

    Multi-Angle Pivoting – Allows you to position mirror into virtually any desired angle.

    Rechargeable – Lithium-ion battery allows you to charge your mirror then enjoy cordless operation. Indicator light lets you know when your mirror is charging and turns off when fully charged. Micro USB charging cord is included.

    Travel-Ready – Mirror easily disassembles for compact storage or travel.

    Universal Design – Contemporary styling in a black or white finish that works with virtually any décor. Learn More
  • Ovente Handheld Ionic Tourmaline Hair Dryer Black (X5)

    The Ovente Seductive Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Hair Dryer features a robust and powerful 2200 Watt motor that not only dries the hair inside and out but leaves it shiny, smooth and healthy

    Built-in Ceramic coating which has a heat control technology that distributes the heat evenly which dries the hair faster, Ionic helps the hair break down water molecules -- it neutralizes positive (+) ions, restoring glow looking conditioned, and Tourmaline Technology emits negative ions and helps smoothen the hair by sealing the cuticle and remaining moisture -- for a frizz-free hair

    The hair dryer has a weight balanced AC motor specifically made for professional hair stylists which makes it more powerful and long lasting. The cool shot button feature helps you set your hair style with ease and extra-long cord with ring that can be hang easily

    You deserve it; feel beautiful every day as if you just left the salon. The hair dryer features an ergonomic grip matte finish for protection and is very seductive to the touch

    2 speed and 3 heat settings that features versatility and styling prowess at your own home. Choose the heat setting that is perfect for your hair type. Comes with two concentrator nozzles that focuses and targets frizzly hair!

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Vanity Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Fairest of Them All?

No matter what your lifestyle is, you will always want to look and stay beautiful. Beauty will not be possible simply by wearing stylish clothes and just being fashionable. The vanity mirror will never say your name whenever you ask "who's the fairest of them all" if you will not take care of yourself. True beauty means taking care of oneself, and that includes intensive beauty care. In order to achieve maximum beauty, you must eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. Beauty is easier to maintain by using beauty tools like makeup mirror and the best blow dryer for hair; plus, the best vanity mirror with lights is needed for you to see the progress of your beauty routine. Look for the best wall mirror online, follow the regimen and not long enough, you'll be the fairest of them all!

Being Careful with Beauty Tools

Because of the increasing number of beauty needs, many shops that feature beauty tools and products are existing in the market today. However, not all beauty shops are reliable as some of them practice product replication or they sell fake products. In order to make sure that you are not taking risk when it comes to purchasing beauty tools, look for reliable certifications. Rest assured that the product is genuine if it is certified as safe and branded.

Staying Safe while Using Beauty Tools

When using beauty tools, basic safety precautions should always be followed, below are some important safeguards to keep in mind when using your beauty tools:

  • Always keep the receipt, instruction manual and the complete packaging in case you will need it for warranty purposes.
  • Before plugging in the beauty tool, check if the socket is matched with the tool's electrical requirements.
  • Always remove the plug of the beauty tool from the main outlet when not in use. Allow it to cool down before storing.
  • Never touch the beauty tool with wet hands.
  • Never immerse the beauty tool into water or any liquid as it can damage the product completely.
  • Do not connect attachments not included in the package.
  • Keep the beauty tool away from hot appliances such as gas or stove.

Beauty Products by OventeBeauty Online Store in US

Ovente is a credible direct seller in US that offers genuine and high-quality beauty tools in the market including lighted vanity mirror, round mirror, makeup mirror, travel size mirror, wall-mounted mirror, table top mirror, best hand held hair dryer, ionic hair dryer blower, blow dryer with hair diffuser, wall mounted hair dryer, salon professional hair dryer and many more.

Witness the progress of your beauty routine with Ovente beauty tools!